Blue Abyss

Timewalker Chronicles, Book 3

For two years, Mari Jean-Mennette has been haunted by dreams and visions of an man locked away from the world, held prisoner like Sleeping Beauty in her enchanted castle. Crazy? Yes. Relentless in her pursuit of the truth, she finds exactly what she’s been looking for…a shipwrecked alien prince locked in a glass coffin.

Unfortunately, he’s not locked up in a fairy tale castle, he’s the prisoner of a race of evil immortal aliens plotting to conquer Earth and trapped deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Unbelievable? Almost. Even so, Mari wakes both her sleeping prince and Earth’s enemies.

The evil ones will not stop hunting until the Timewalker human who traveled through time to defeat them, the woman who discovered their secrets, is dead–and her prince with her.

Blue Abyss is a sci-fi action adventure with a romantic twist! The story is a stand-alone time travel adventure with kick-a$$, sarcastic heroine, a smoking hot, alien hero and a HEA.

*Previously released in 2014 under the same title