Stealing Christmas

Bethany Riley is tired of being a good girl. This Christmas, she’s determined to get what she’s always wanted…Zach Steal’s heart.


Billionaire. Biker. Bad boy. That’s what they call me. Everyone assumes they know what I want in a woman. They’re wrong. Bethany Riley is beautiful, curved in all the right places, and those hot-for-teacher glasses make me want to go back to school. But she’s got a ring on her finger and I know she’s a good girl. A soft, sweet, naive woman who’ll take one look at my tattoos and leather and run…


My job is stressing me out, my engagement is a joke, and I can’t stop thinking about a man I can’t have. Zach Steal. Tall, dark and handsome? Check. But he’s taking my boss, Alexa, to the office Christmas party.

It’s time for a change. With a little help from a mysterious, magical matchmaker and one smoking hot red dress, this Christmas, I’m going to steal Zach’s heart.

Warning: Jingle bells and mistletoe… This adorable holiday quickie is gonna make your heart hurt in all the right places. This naughty office romance will make you laugh, cry and want to throw things. If you want to see the nice girl turn naughty and take on a bad boy biker who likes to be the boss in bed, then do what you’re told and read this book! HEA guaranteed.